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107. Kabul: Darulaman Palace

Variant spelling: Darul Aman Palace

Kabul Province. Approximately 10 miles south-southwest of the center of Kabul.

Date: built during the 1920s


Darulaman ("abode of peace") Palace is a European-style palace inspired and built by the reformist King King Amanullah Khan as a symbol of Afghan independence, part of King Amanullah Khan's modernization drive. The imposing neoclassical building was intended as the seat for a future parliament outside of Kabul and was abandonned, unused for many years, after religious conservatives halted Amanullah's reforms and forced him from power in 1929.

Gutted by fire in 1969, Darulaman Palace was restored to house the Afghanistan National Museum and later the Defense Ministry during the 1970s and 1980s. During the Communist coup of 1978, the building was set on fire. It was damaged again as rival Mujahideen factions fought for control of Kabul during the early 1990s. Heavy shelling by the Mujahideen after the end of the Soviet invasion further damaged the Palace, and the land around it and other nearby buildings was turned into a "no man's land" which enabled looters (from the spring of 1992 through the end of 1996) to gradually strip the National Museum's collection that had not been taken away and placed in safe storage by museum staff prior to the outbreak of the 1990s civil war.. In 2005, a plan was unveiled to refurbish the Palace, funded primarily by private donations from foreigners and wealthy Afghan, for use as the seat of Afghanistan's future parliament.

  34°27'58.3200" N
  34.4662º N
  69°07'12.0000" E

69.12º E

  511020 E
  3813855 N

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Earth satellite image of the Darulaman Palace on the
southern edge of Kabul