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074. Tell al-Dhibayii, Tell adh-Dhiba'i (ancient: Zaralulu)

Baghdad Governorate. Underneath present-day eastern Baghdad.

An ancient settlement where traces of a workshop were found.

Dates: 2nd millennium BC

Excavation by the Iraqis uncovered a rare example of an early 2nd millennium workshop in this small town, dating from the time  when it was part of the kingdom of Eshnunna. It appears to be the workshop of a copper smith, complete with clay molds into which the molten metal was poured, tuyeres and bellows. It was not possible to determine whether this was attached to an institution like a temple, or a private business, but simple metal working was certainly within the capacity of private enterprise, and this may well be the equivalent of the neighborhood locksmith.

Fieldwork: Iraqi Antiquities Department, 1960s