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090. Tell Jabiriyah (ancient: Hindanu)

Variant name: Tell Al Jabiriejh

Western Al-Anbar Governorate, near Al Qaim. On the Middle Euphrates, near Der.

Dates: Old Babylonian-Neo-Assyrian (circa 1800-600 BC), possibly later.

A city in the middle Euphrates area primarily important in Assyrian times, first mentioned in the Mari correspondence from the Old Babylonian time. Later mentions occur in the first millennium, when it paid tribute to Adad-Nirari II of Assyria (ca 900 BC) 

The city had a troubled and ambiguous relationship with the Assyrian empire, as it rebelled with near by states in the reign of Ashuurnasirpal II, but sent envoys to his big inauguration bash in Kalhu. It was probably incorporated into the empire in the reign of Shalmaneser III, after apparently another rebellion. As the Assyrian empire was collapsing, it  tried to stave off the Neo-Babylonian Nabopollasar by paying tribute but was still plundered.











Precise coordinates not verfied; satellite imagery shows recently constructed defensvie berms and military compounds in the area