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Iraq Cultural Property Law, 2002
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The Qasr al-Ashiq at Samarra, AD 870-883. Photo © Alistair E. Northedge      


In a country with more than 30,000 documented archaeological and historic sites and monuments, the 119 sites and monuments listed below are among the most significant due to the substantial quantity of artifacts and historical information that have been found at these locations ... and the likelihood that more artifacts and information will be uncovered in the future if these sites are protected.

After centuries of environmental degradation, armed conflict, intentional destruction and site looting, some of these places may appear to be ruined. Yet trained archaeologists can often retrieve artifacts and information from even the most ruined site. For this reason, all personnel should be aware of these 216 sites to protect them from further damage and degradation.

Site information and coordinates can be accessed from the map (below) or drop-down menu, where sites are arranged alphabetically and by province.


*** = diggers at work
  ** = illicit holes seen
    * = reported looting

077. Tell al-Hawa (ancient name unknown) 042. Khorsabad  (ancient: Dur Sharrukin) 111. Tepe Gawra (ancient name unknown) 052. Nemrik (ancient name unknown) 065. Sinjar - Minaret of the Qutb al-Din Muhammad Madrasa 066. Sinjar - Sittna Zaynab Mausoleum 097. Tell Rimah (ancient: Qatara) 103. Tell Taya (ancient name unknown) 034. Hassuna (ancient name unknown) 099. Tell Sherif Khan (ancient: Tarbisu) 082. Tell Billa (ancient: Shibaniba) 079. Tell Arpachiyeh (ancient name unknown) 047. - 050. Mosul (four sites) 044. Kouyounjik / Nebi Yunis (ancient: Nineveh) 006. Arbil (ancient: Erbil or Arbela) 081. Tell Balawat (ancient: Imgur-Enlil) 117. Yarim Tepe (ancient name unknown) 118. Yorgan Tepe (ancient: Nuzi) 110. Telul al-Aqr (ancient: Kar Tukulti Ninurta) 093. Tell Maghzalieyh (ancient name unknown) 067. Tell Abedeh (ancient name unknown) 090. Tell Jabiriyah (ancient: Hindanu) 003. 'Anah — Minaret at 'Anah 055. - 063. Samarra (nine sites in and around the city) 033. Hadhr (ancient: Hatra) 053. Nimrud (ancient: Kalhu/Calah)** 043. Kirkuk (ancient: Arrapha) 039. Jarmo, Qal'at Jarmo 064. Sherquat, Qal'at Sherqat (ancient: Ashur, Assur) 085. Tell es-Sawwan (ancient name unknown) 031. Choga Mami (ancient name unknown) 072. Tell al-Asmar (ancient: Eshnunna) 119. Zubair - Shrine of Hassan al-Basri 091. Tell Jokha (ancient: Umma)*** 005. Badra (ancient: Tell ed-Der) 002. Abu Salabikh [ancient: Kesh (?)] 001. Abu Gubur / Abu Qubur (ancient name unknown) 008. - 023. Baghdad (sixteen sites) 037. Is, also known as Hit (ancient: Hit) 035. Hillah - Duh'l Kifi Shrine 032. Dulaim (ancient: Dilbat) 029. Birs Nimrud (ancient: Borsippa) 040. Jemdet Nasr [ancient: Niru (?)] 004. Aqar Quf (ancient: Dur Kurigalzu) 007. Babil (ancient: Babylon) 078. Tell Anbar (ancient: Anbar, Pirisbora) 074. Tell al-Dhibayii, Tell adh-Dhiba'i  (ancient: Zaralulu) 041. Karbala 054. Salman Pak, Tak Kisra (ancient: Ctesiphon) 045. Kufa: Great Mosque and Dar al-Imara 051. Najaf - Imam Ali Mosque and Shrine Complex 036. Ibzaykh or Tell Ibzaykh (ancient: Zabala, Zabalam)*** 038. Ishan Bahriyat (ancient: Isin)*** 073. Tell al-Ubaid (ancient name unknown) 071. Tell Abu Shahrain (ancient: Eridu) 070. Tell Abu Hatab (ancient: Kisurra)* 069. Tell Abu Habba (ancient: Sippar) 030. Bismaya (ancient: Adab)*** 075. Tell al-Hiba (ancient: Lagash)** 076. Tell al-Lahm [ancient: Kisiga(?)] 046. Madain (ancient: Bad Tibira)** 112. Ukhaidir — Abassid Palace and Mosque 068. Tell Abu Dhuwari (ancient: Mashkan-Shapir) 084. Tell ed-Der (ancient: Sippar Amnanum) 088. Tell Ibraham (ancient: Kutha) 083. Tell Drehem (ancient: Puzrish-Dagan) 080. Tell Awayli, Oueilli (ancient name unknown) 087. Tell Harmal (ancient: Shaduppum) 086. Tell Fara (ancient: Shuruppak)* 092. Tell Khafajah (ancient: Tutub) 094. Tell Muhammad [ancient: Diniktum(?)] 096. Tell Nuffar (ancient: Nippur)** 098. Tell Senkereh (ancient: Larsa)** 095. Tell Maqayyar (ancient: Ur)*** 100. Tell Shmid (ancient name unknown) 101. Tell Sifr (ancient: Kutalla)* 104. Tell Uhaimir and environs (ancient: Kish) 105. Tell Umar (ancient: Seleucia) 106. Tell Umm al-Aqarib (ancient name unknown)** 107. Tell Aqair (ancient name unknown) 108. Tell Wilaya [ancient: Kesh (?)]* 109. Tello (ancient: Girsu)** 113. Umm al-Hafriyat (ancient name unknown) 114. Wana as-Sadoum (ancient: Marad) 115. Warka (ancient: Uruk)** 116. Wasit (ancient: Wasit)