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General Order 1A
Iraq Cultural Property Law, 2002
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In-Theater Inspection & Interdiction
DHS Inspection

U.S. Department of Defense personnel who operate within the USCENTCOM AOR encounter various inspection, interdiction and enforcement measures to detect and prevent Prohibited Activities as defined under General Order 1A, section 2. These measures apply to all personnel departing for, and returning from, the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of operation as well as personnel participating in the Bright Star Exercise in Egypt.

Civilian authorities within both the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department undertake to ensure compliance with U.S. non-military law as well.

Removing, possessing, selling, defacing or destroying archeological artifacts or national treasures or the acquisition, taking or retaining of individual souvenirs or trophies that are cannot be legally imported into the United States are strictly prohibited.

Failure to provide accurate information as to the value and country of origin of any objects you bring back to the United States is a violation of Customs law and may result in forfeiture of the objects and criminal prosecution, as well as any penalties provided under the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

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