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In most instances, forcing looters to cease their activity and disperse, without escalating, is the appropriate response and achieves the desired effect.

Current crowd control doctrine in looting situations places emphasis on crowd dispersal. However, circumstances may be encountered that require containment rather than dispersal. Graduated display of force and graduated and controlled use of force is vital in such situations.

• Announce your presence and intent to disperse the crowd;
• Use the crowd's reaction to decide whether to disperse or contain;
• Display force in a graduated manner;
• Exploit the psychological effects of show of force;
• Demonstrate force (firing in air) only when necessary; demonstrate sniper precision strike capability; and escalate the PSYOP message to take control of the situation earlier and with less force;
• Use the Graduated Response Matrix (GRM);
• Operate deliberately.

See FM 3-19.15 ["Civil Disturbance Operations"], 2-13 to 2-23.

Do not demonstrate force toward unarmed civilians. Lethal force should be used only to maintain force protection.

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