Mail and Shipments – On Campus

You have something to send from the CEMML office either on-campus or off-campus. It could be a letter, a small package, or freight.

If you have a letter and you are on-campus, click US Postal Service to prepare a postal accounting form to tie around your letter(s).

If you have a small package, use Transtream  to enter the required information about your item. This system will create a shipping label for your package that you will attach with scotch tape to the package and stage it for pick up in the Vocational Education mail and shipping cubicle.

Outgoing mail and shipments that are in the mail cubicle on the garden level of Vocational Education by 9:15 A.M. will be picked up by Central Receiving and sent that day. If your mail is not ready by 9:15 A.M. but you would like it to be sent that day, you may hand-carry your mail to Central Receiving by 3:00 P.M.

If you want to order stamps for departmental mailings, you must first submit a WCNR purchasing requisition for approval. Once that order has been approved, open the Stamp Order Form and enter the approved WCNR requisition number in the additional comments section and enter the account number from the requisition in the Central Receiving account number section, as well as your other on-campus information, before pressing “submit form”.

International Shipments – Preparing shipments for international destinations require not only customs forms but questions that must be answered in order to satisfy export control requirements. The questions are aimed to provide information about the specifics of the shipment so that the shipping system can determine if any items, software, or information being sent could serve a military or dual-use military and commercial purpose. If you are not sure, visit the Export Control page through the Vice President of Research.

The administrative team keeps a small amount of reused packing supplies like small boxes and bubble wrap when it is available, as well as standard free carrier shipping supplies. A list of additional shipping supplies available for purchase from Central Receive is available on the Shipping Supplies & Services page.