Employment Identification Card (CSU ID)

Your eID must be activated before you can receive CSU’s photographic Colorado State University RamCard with Cam the Ramidentification card, also known as the RamCard. RamCards, which include your CSU identification number (not the same as your eID), are useful at some installations.

OFF-CAMPUS: If you are off campus and your supervisor determines that you need a RamCard, please email CEMML Admin Support and provide your name, telephone number, and the name of your on-campus supervisor. They will take care of the financial paperwork and order your card. You will then be contacted by the RamCard office and provided with further instructions. When your card is ready, the RamCard office will send it to the mailing address you provided to the university.
ON-CAMPUS:  On campus employees can obtain your RamCard directly from the RamCard Office once you have the following information:
  • Your department name – CEMML (1490)
  • The department Kuali account number and object code your RamCard should be billed to – email CEMML Admin Support to obtain that information
  • Your supervisor’s name and phone number

Once you have that information, visit the RamCard Office in Room 271 of the Lory Student Center during their operating hours. Be prepared to have your picture taken!


REPLACEMENT CARDS: Employees are responsible for the replacement cost of a lost, stolen or damaged card. Contact RamCard directly if you need a replacement card.