Travel Procedures

The following instructions lead you through applying for and cancelling a travel credit card, as well as showing you how to report travel for reimbursement.

The university is currently in process of transitioning from Citibank to JP Morgan for travel credit cards. This webpage is being updated as soon as new information is received from the travel office.

Credit Card

A travel card enables CSU employees to obtain travel advances from ATMs and to rent vehicles. Lodging, meals, and other travel costs may also be charged to the travel card. Employees are responsible for paying all travel card bills on time. In almost all cases, timely submission of post-travel requests will result in your reimbursement by CSU before your travel card bill is due.

To apply for or cancel a travel card, follow these instructions.



  • CSU ID #: If you do not know your CSU ID number log-in to and click “Modify Your Information” and then on “Show My Information”. Leave CSU ID # blank if you are a new employee and do not have an identification number.
  • Dept # & Contact Name: 1490, CEMML (then, your on-campus supervisor’s name)
  • ATM/Cash Advance option: check “yes” (ATM fees are reimbursable). Reason: not all businesses accept credit cards.


  • Complete section IV and sign section VI.
  • Item 6: The statement billing address must be your home address. If necessary, strike through “Colorado” and replace with your state.
  • Item 9: Verification Information requested on the form is also your CSU ID.
  • Item 12: Leave blank.
  • Item 13: Employee ID requested on the form is also your CSU ID.

3. University Travel Agreement for Individuals

  • Print your name on the blank line and fill out the Cardholder section at the bottom.
  • Your department is CEMML.
  • For an address, you may provide either your home or work address.
  • Sign
  • Email your completed application to your On-Campus Supervisor (note: this may not be your direct supervisor, but is the Principal Investigator in charge of the project you are working).
    • CEMML’s department head has delegated to PIs signature authority for their employee’s travel card paperwork.

Once your application is signed by the department head or delegate, it will be forwarded to the university’s travel office. If you have questions about the status of your travel card application, email the CSU Travel Card help desk.


  1. Print and complete the Travel Card Cancellation Form.
  2. Send your completed travel card cancellation form to the CSU travel office (address on the form).
  3. Return the card to your supervisor, so they can shred it.


Access travel reporting procedures via the WCNR Intranet at: and click on the Business Office and Travel links to get to the Travel Procedures circled below.

For all travel-related questions, email the WCNR budget office at:

To contact the university’s travel office, email

a picture of the website for WCNR highlighting the link for travel procedures