GIS and Spatial IT

CEMML researchers using GPS/GIS technology to walk a top a dangerous ledge.

Rising above entangled data with exciting applications that are accurate and cost-effective.

CEMML integrates geographic information systems (GIS) into nearly every project across all our service specialities. GIS provides rapid, professional, practical solutions to your environmental issues. We use Esri’s ArcGIS software on most projects for spatial database development and management, spatial modeling, application development, and cartography. Our skilled GIS staff provides these services at over 100 DoD installations throughout the United States and other countries, as well as the US Army Corps of Engineers, the National Park Service, and the Forest Service.

CEMML’s GIS capacity ranges from data collection and mapping to complex database development. Our GIS database development team is knowledgeable and experienced with SDSFIE data standards.

Supporting spatial analysis and modeling, our software development team develops Esri ArcGIS ArcObjects/.Net compiled and Python based script applications.

The GIS team’s capability includes design and development of sophisticated custom web-based interactive map applications. Our software development team creates responsive, interactive map applications using various JavaScript APIs, including OpenLayers.

layered maps using GIS and mapping technology

Standardizing all aspects of a complex project one layer at a time.

CEMML’s GIS team delivers support that includes:

• GIS database development and standards compliance
• Field Data Feature Collection (GPS)
• Spatial analysis and modeling
• Remote sensing data processing, feature extraction, and analysis
• GIS software development
• Digital and print cartography (small and large scale)
• Web-based interactive map application development