Spatial Analysis, Geographic Information Systems, and Spatial Information Technology

CEMML integrates spatial analysis, including geographic information systems (GIS), into nearly all of our projects. We regularly use Esri’s ArcGIS software for developing and managing spatial databases, spatial modeling, application development, and digital and print cartography at all scales.

CEMML’s capacity ranges from field data collection and mapping to complex database development. Our spatial database development team is knowledgeable and experienced with the Spatial Data Standards for Facilities, Infrastructure, and Environment (SDSFIE). We also design and develop customized, web-based interactive map applications with JavaScript APIs, including OpenLayers. Furthermore, we have expertise in processing, extracting features from, and analysis of remotely sensed data.

To support spatial analysis and modeling, our software development team builds Esri ArcGIS ArcObjects/.Net compiled and Python-based script applications.


CEMML researchers using GPS/GIS technology to walk a top a dangerous ledge.

Rising above entangled data with accurate, cost-effective applications.

layered maps using GIS and mapping technology

Standardizing all layers of a complex project.