Executive Committee

Picture of Dr. Erica Fleishman

Erica Fleishman, Ph.D.

(970) 491-2673

As Director of CEMML, Erica Fleishman guides development and implementation of the center’s priorities and its collaborations with federal, state, university, and other partners. She facilitates provision of research, services, and education by CEMML, and seeks to maintain and increase the center’s diversity and inclusivity. Fleishman has more than 25 years of experience conducting research on ecological responses to environmental change and the management of natural resources in the western United States. She also has worked with federal agencies and industry on responses of marine mammals to underwater sound. Fleishman has coauthored multiple curricula on applications of remote sensing to environmental sciences and ecological modeling. She participates in the science process for management of California’s San Francisco Estuary and for development of multiple Habitat Conservation Plans, which are mechanisms for conservation of private lands consistent with the US Endangered Species Act. Fleishman is past editor in chief of Conservation Biology and currently serves on the editorial boards of three other international journals.

Picture of Calvin Bagley

Calvin Bagley

Associate Director
(970) 491-3324

Cal Bagley is a range ecologist, with experience in natural resources management, GIS, environmental planning, and NEPA. As Associate Director he manages a wide variety of Army, Air Force, US Forest Service, SERDP and DoD contracts. He manages the GIS team, providing GIS support, data collection and development, analysis and map production and the Environmental Planning Team develops Integrated Natural Resources Management Plans (INRMPs), Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Environmental Impact Statements (EISs). Bagley addresses applied research on wind and water erosion, training impacts on vegetation recovery, and GIS/remote sensing applications for natural resources inventory and monitoring of public lands. Bagley is an advisor and project leader for CEMML graduate students in the Warner College of Natural Resources.

Liz Caldwell

Liz Caldwell, Ph.D.

Associate Director
(970) 491-8406

Liz Caldwell successfully served as the Interim Director while recruiting for a permanent director. As Associate Director Compliance with CEMML, she manages the environmental compliance team on-campus as well as a variety of Army, Air Force, ESTCP contracts and CEMML’s on-site personnel task orders for environmental compliance specialists and field technicians staffed at various military installations. Areas of technical expertise include: environmental toxicology, radiation ecology, human health and ecological risk assessment, NEPA, environmental compliance, pollution prevention; and stormwater management planning. Caldwell is engaged in applied research investigating innovative solutions to potential degradation and/or reuse of deicing fluid and sludge obtained from oil water separators.

Liz Caldwell

Reymundo Chapa

Associate Director
(970) 491-TBD

The Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML) is pleased to announce that Reymundo (Tony) Chapa will join us in early August as Associate Director for Cultural Resources. Tony most recently served as Program Manager, Cultural Resources Management, with the Air National Guard at Joint Base Andrews, Maryland. He is a member of the Department of Defense’s Historic Preparation Working Group and the Air Force Cultural Resources Panel Executive Committee, and chairs the Air National Guard’s Tribal Consultation Working Group. Tony is an Army veteran and holds graduate degrees in both anthropology and political science. He also served as an aide to the Texas House of Representatives. Tony’s diverse and considerable expertise will be an excellent complement to our existing cultural resources team and to our full suite of programs. We are excited to welcome him to Colorado State University and CEMML.


Picture of Jim Zeidler

Jim Zeidler, Ph.D.

Emeritus Senior Research Scientist / Scholar


Jim Zeidler is a Research Scientist and registered professional archaeologist. As former Associate Director for Cultural Resources, he served as CEMML’s chief cultural resources specialist and also held an Adjunct Assistant Professor position in CSU’s Department of Anthropology. His responsibilities included the execution of cultural resources management (CRM) planning and technical support efforts for the Army and other DoD services. He also managed CEMML’s on-site personnel contracts for cultural resources specialists and field technicians staffed at various military installations. While at CEMML, Zeidler was also actively involved in applied scientific research in the areas of archaeological resource management, predictive modeling, and geoarchaeology.

Dr. Zeidler retired from CEMML as Emeritus Research Scientist on December 31, 2017, and since then has turned his attention back to South American archaeology and his on-going research in coastal Ecuador. He is currently a Research Fellow in residence for the 2018-2019 academic year at Harvard University’s Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection in Washington, D.C., where he is preparing a book on his archaeological research in Ecuador’s northern Manabí province.